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Tips on Shipping your Pet in the Cargo Hold
The pets are of a major concern when you move to some other location outside the USA. Take into account two factors before moving to another country:
Firstly, will your pet be allowed in the destination country ? (not all pets are allowed in all the countries, you know !) If it is allowed, do you need to show them a health and/or rabies certificate from a veterinarian. Be sure to ask a consulate or an embassy of your destination country: how long any certificate is considered valid and if your pet also will need an entry permit.
Second is the cost. In most cases, you will be required to pay duty on your pet and pay for your pet to be quarantined, Be sure to ask a the Office of Customs Administration of your destination country depending on your destination county, your pet could be quarantined from a few weeks to a full year.

Make sure you do the following:
1. Get the pet's medical records from your vet
2. Provide your pet with a travel identification tag - in addition to his/her permanent identification collar - so your pet can be returned to you if found. Include in the tag, your pet's name; your name, destination address and telephone number; and an alternative contact person's name and telephone number.
3. Most importantly, schedule your trip to ensure your pet doesn't arrive at destination on a weekend or holiday when customs facilities are closed. Otherwise, your pet might be without food, water and other care for a long period.
4. To help speed up the clearance process for your pet, write to the port entry veterinarian advising him of your pet's arrival date, flight number and other required information.

Importing Automobile
You carry your car to some country paying the duties, taxes or whatever, only to find that the same model car is available at the destination place for a lesser price!! Wouldnt you hate such a position ? So make sure before leaving: if you have a same model car at the destination country available at a lesser price than the combined cost of the buy and transportation plus customs, then you are not going to transport it. Well horse sense isnt it?
Certain makes of automobiles might be prohibited. Models that are allowed, might require an entry permit and modifications to meet emission or safety standards. If you decide to take your car, check the availability of parts, unleaded or premium gasoline, and right-hand versus left-hand driving.

When shipping a car, nothing can be left in the interior or in the trunk, except normal accessories - such as a jack and a spare tyre. Customs also may permit transporting the vehicle's hubcaps, extra air filters and/or engine parts in the trunk. Be sure to check with customs officials in advance.

What to pack and not to pack for shipment.
When it is time to pack, our professionally trained staff will be sent to your location for packing. In order to minimize the time taken in packing, we advise you to clearly separate items to be packed for shipment from items to be left behind before our staff arrives for packing. Please pay special attention to small items, as it is time consuming to determine whether to pack them or not. Please instruct our staff on arrival what to pack and what not to. Items you need to take
Some items which are immediately needed, have to be carried by you or by any other means, which makes their availability immediate when you reach the destination. ( items such as clothing, bedding, medications,valuables, work materials etc). Other items you might want to take include the following
1. Electric Adapter
----Korea ----60 ----110/220 ----A. B. C
----Hong Kong ----50 ----200 ----B
----Mainland China ----50 ----110/200 ----A. B. C. D
----Macao ----50 ----115/127/220 ----B
----Taiwan ----50 ----110 ----A
----Japan ----50/60 ----100 ----A
----Philippins ----60 ----115/200 ----A. B. C
----Vietnam ----50 ----120/220/230 ----A. B
----Singapore ----50 ----230 ----D
----Indonesia ----50 ----127/230 ----B
----Malaysia ----50 ----240 ----D
----Brunei ----50 ----240 ----B. D
----Thailand ----50 ----220 ----A. B. D
----India ----50 ----230 ----B
----Nepal ----50 ----220 ----B
----Bangladesh ----50 ----230 ----B
----Pakistan ----50 ----220/230 ----B

----Jordan ----50 ----220 ----B. D
----Lran ----50 ----220 ----B. D
----Lrag ----50 ----220 ----B. D
----Turkey ----50 ----220 ----B
----Kuwait ----50 ----240 ----B, D
----Saudi Arabia ----50/60 ----127/220 ----A. B. D
----The Netherlands ----50 ----220/230/240 ----B. D

----Australia ----50 ----220 ----C
----New Zealand ----50 ----220 ----C
----Fiji ----50 ----220 ----C
----Tahiti ----50 ----240 ----A

----The Netherlands ----50 ----220 ----C
----Belgium ----50 ----127/220 ----C
----Luxemburg ----50 ----127/220 ----C
----West Germany ----50 ----220 ----A
----East Germany ----50 ----127/220 ----B
----France ----50 ----127/220 ----B. C
----Denmark ----50 ----220 ----B
----Finland ----50 ----220 ----B
----Norway ----50 ----220/230 ----B
----Sweden ----50 ----220 ----B
----Switzerland ----50 ----220 ----B
----Austria ----50 ----220 ----B
----Hungary ----50 ----220 ----B
----Czechsiovakia ----50 ----220 ----B
----Poland ----50 ----220 ----B
----U.S.S.R ----50 ----127/220 ----A. B
----Rumania ----50 ----220 ----B
----Bulgaria ----50 ----220 ----B
----Yugoslavia ----50 ----220 ----B
----Greece ----50 ----220 ----B
----Italy ----50 ----127/220 ----B
----Spain ----50 ----127/220 ----A. B
----Portugal ----50 ----220 ----B
----England ----50 ----240 ----C. D
----Malta ----50 ----240 ----D

----Canada ----60 ----110 ----A. D
----U.S.A ----60 ----120 ----A
----Alaska ----60 ----120/240 ----A
----Mexico ----60 ----125 ----A
----Costa Rica ----60 ----120 ----A. D
----Nisaragua ----60 ----120 ----A
----Venezuela ----60 ----120 ----A
----Bolivia ----50 ----110/220 ----A. B
----El Salvador ----60 ----115 ----A
----Colombia ----60 ----110 ----A
----Guatemala ----60 ----120 ----A
----Argentina ----50 ----220 ----B. D
----Uruguay ----50 ----220 ----B. D
----Paraguay ----50 ----220 ----B
----Brazil ----60 ----127/220 ----A. B
----Peru ----60 ----220 ----A. B
----Chile ----50 ----220 ----B
----Panama ----60 ----110/115/120 ----A
----Belize ----60 ----110/220 ----A. D
----Cuba ----60 ----110 ----A. B. D
----Dominican Rep. ----60 ----110 ----A

----Egypt ----50 ----220 ----B. D
----Kenya ----50 ----240 ----B. D
----Zambia ----50 ----230 ----D
----Morocco ----50 ----115/127/220 ----B
----Mauritius ----50 ----230 ----B. D
----Nigeria ----50 ----230 ----D
----R.S.A ----50 ----220/230/250 ----B. D

Seoul Apartment
There may be differences in the electric power supplies technical stuff like some countries in the Western Hemisphere have an electric power of 110 volt, 60-hertz (cycles per second) alternating current (AC). However, the majority of countries run on 220-440 volt, 50 hertz AC. Depending on your destination, you might need converters, transformers, voltage regulators or adapter plugs. Converter is used to change the electrical frequency (50 or 60 hertz) an item receives. Appliances and equipment that rely on internal timing mechanisms - such as clocks, mixers and stereos - should be converted if necessary. Depending on the appliance, it might be less expensive to purchase a new one at destination. Remember that converters work only with the same type of current - an appliance manufactured to run on AC, will not work on direct current (DC). If your destination country uses a different voltage, you may want to take several transformers with you. Electrical equipment designed for 110 volts, needs a step-down transformer to operate on 220 volt. As well as differences in electricity,television broadcasting varies from country to country. Receivers manufactured for the U.S. market most likely will be incompatible with foreign signals. Check with a consulate or embassy of your destination country to see if this pertains to that country. If so, you might prefer to rent or purchase a television while abroad.

2. Prohibited items include
-- Eggs & egg products
-- Leis & lei materials
-- Live animals
-- Freshwater fish
-- Plants
-- Biological cultures
-- Honey straw & straw handcrafts
-- Clam shells & coral
-- Meat & meat products
-- Ivory
-- Popcorn
-- Turtle & tortoise shells
-- Endangered species
-- Honey
-- Powdered milk
-- Unprocessed food item
-- Food items marinated in salt and soy sauce

Important documents
Please keep with you important travel related documents such as passport, airplane tickets, customs papers etc. It is advisable to keep extra passport size photos handy.

1. We advise you to insure your goods to be shipped. Please feel free to talk to us about different options.
- You may choose individual items to insure.
- Think carefully the insured amount to keep the cost down.
- Insure rare and fragile items first. These items should have priority over old easily replaceable items.
- Use current market value rather than original prices for insured amount.
- Please refer to an insurance form and ask us to help you. Insured amount must be recorded in U$.

Pleas contact us for any further information.

2. Documentation of Claims
- To enable that the claims are dealt with promptly by the Company, the Insured or nominated Agents are requested to submit all available supporting documents without delay, including (when applicable):
- Original policy or certificate of insurance.
- Original (or copy of) shipping invoice.
- Original Bill of Lading and/or other contract of carriage.
- Survey report or other documentary evidence to show the extent of the loss or damage.(Receipt of repair, Quotation for Repair, Photographs of the damaged items etc.)
- Note any missing items / cartons / units on the delivery docket at the time delivery.
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