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korea apartment
Buk-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

korea apartment
Also called as Seolsan and Seolbongsan, the mountain was named Seorak because the snow would not melt for a long time and its rocks stay white like snow.  In November 1965, the Seorak Mountain district was designated as a Natural Monument preservation area.  Afterwards in December 1973, it was designated as park preservation area, and in August 1982, as Biosphere Preservation District by UNESCO.
The park is spread about in 4 cities and counties, in Sokcho, Inje, Goseong and Yangyang.  Featuring the highest peak Daecheongbong, the east side is called OeSeorak and the west is called NaeSeorak, which is divided again into North NaeSeorak and South NaeSeorak.  North NaeSeorak is composed of Bukcheon, which flows to Ingyecheon and Baekdamcheon.  There are numerous valleys in NaeSeorak.  Follow the Baekdamcheon valley where all the streams meet and you will reach Baekdamsa Temple, which is known for its beautiful scenery.  At the upstream there is Gayadong valley and Suryeomdong valley, and past Yeongsiam and Mangyeongdae there is Madeungryeong ridge(1,327m) that leads to Seorakdong.  Follow Suryeomdong valley and you will reach Waryong Waterfall and Ssangpok.  Go up the mountain a bit more from here and you will reach Bongjeongam(1,224m sea level).  Once you mount Daecheong peak you can view the mountain peaks, and the sunrise viewed from here will make your heart pious.  South NaeSeorak directs the valley from Oknyeotang area to Hangyeryeong.  Daeseung Waterfall north of Jangsudae is the most beautiful site of NaeSeorak, which is 88m high.  On the south valley of Yongdaeri there is the Twelve fairy bathing spring, Oktang Waterfalls, and Yongtang Waterfalls, etc.

Local Transportation
1.From Inje Bus Terminal, take Bus for Wontong (takes 40 min./20 times a day).At Wontong, take the Yongdaeri bound (Baekdamsa entrance) bus via Namgy-ri (takes 40 min./10 times a day)        
2.Taxi takes 20 min.    

Detailed Info
1.Seorak Mountain Adminstration Office +82-33-636-7700(Kor/Eng) 2.Homepage : http://seorak.knps.or.kr (Kor/Eng) 3.Closed:Open all year 4.Admission Fee -Adults(Age 20 and over) : 1,300won
Teenagers(Age 14~19) : 600won Children(Age 13 and under): 300won
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