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Seoul Apartments
All items, Sofa Set, Table, Table Set, Console,
Wall Unit, Chair, Selves
All items, Chair, Dining Table Set, Bar Table
All items, Wash Stand All items, Bedside, Wardrobe, Chest, Bed Table Set
All items, Book selves All items, Chair, Picnic Table, Parasol,
Picnic Table Set
All items, Side Table, CD Stand, Moving Bar,
Book Stand, Tea Table

Sofa Set
H:75 W:300 D:205
5,800,000 KRW
Dining Table Set
H:73 W:120 D:120
700,000 KRW

Wash Stand
H:84 W:110 D:56
970,000 KRW

Queen Bed
H:78 W:150 D:224
1,600,000 KRW
H:258 W:238 D:62
2,080,000 KRW
H:204 W:270 D:40
2,100,000 KRW
Tea Tray
H:20 W:41 D:41
130,000 KRW
Book Stand
H:158 W:36 D:35
120,000 KRW

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