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korea apartment
Jungbu-myeon, Gwangju-si ,Gyeonggi-do

korea apartment
Namhansanseong Fortress is a very popular mountain-climbing and driving destination located just outside Seoul.  The mountain is famous for being very beautiful all throughout the year. In the spring, the acacia trees grow thick, in the summer the green forest covers the entire mountain, and in the fall, many people visit to climb the mountain covered in red autumn leaves.
Namhansanseong Fortress, located on Mt. Namhansan mountain, was originally built as a earthen fortress during Gogureyo period, about 2,000 years ago, but after many renovations, Gwanghaegun of the Joseon Period built the fortress properly in 1621.  If you climb to the highest peak Iljangsan, you can see Incheons Nakjo area, and not only Seoul, but the surrounding Gyeonggi-do area as well.  In terms of fortress structure, because the surrounding mountain area is high and rough, and the fortress center level and low, it is an easy place to defend, to reside comfortably, which are good conditions for a mountain fortress.  The fortress is divided into inner fortress and outer fortress, the The fortress now.

Travel TIPS
If you want to drive around Namhansanseong Fortress, the course can have a lot of variety. Start from Yangjedaero Highway, go through Suseo, to Daewang Bridge and Sanseong Rotary. This course is fast, its open sceneries refreshing, and during the summer the valleys offer cool shade while you are passing through.

Local Transportation
  • Get off at Sanseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 8), Exit No. 2. Take City Bus No. 9, and get off at Namhansanseong bus stop. (Travel Time : 20 Min., Interval of Buses: 20 Min.)

  • Detailed Info
    Inquiries: Administration Office Tel: +82-31-743-6610
    Website: http://www.namhansansung.or.kr/english/Menu1/SubMenu/sub11.jsp
    Open: Open all year round
    - Nov. ~ Mar. 9:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. - Apr. ~ Oct. 7:00 a.m. ~ 8:00 p.m.


    Age 19 or older

    Ages 13-18 years old

    Ages 7-12


    1,000 won

    600 won

    300 won


    700 won

    300 won

    200 won

    * 30 or more people are considered as a group.
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