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korea apartment
Dongsan-ri, Jinbu-myeon, Byeongnae-ri ,Doam-myeon ,Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Sinwang-ri ,Yeongok-myeon, Gangreung-si

korea apartment
Mt.Odaesan National Park was designated as a national park in 1975. Mt. Odaesan was named so because of the following 5 plateaus; Manwoldae, Jangryeondae, Girindae, Sangsamdae and Jigongdae.
Featuring the 1563m high Birobong Peak, Mt. Odaesan spreads southwest with Mt. Sodaesan, Horyeong Peak and Mt. Sogyebangsan. The east side is connected with Sangwang peak and Duro Peak, which are over 1,000m high. The representative temple of Mt.Odaesan, Woljeongsa Temple, was named after the fact that the full moon that rises above Manwoldae (Mt. Dongdaesan) is particularly bright.  At this temple the famous Octagon shaped 9-story pagoda (National Treasure No.48) and the Stone Seated Buddha Figure (National Treasure No.139) is preserved.  Also, Jeokmyeolbogung of Woljeongsa is where Monk Ja Jang preserved the Sakyamunis noble relics.  Inside Woljeongsa Temple, follow the fir trees 5 km east, and you will reach Sagoji where Yeonggamsa Temple stands.  Mt. Odaesan has the largest natural woods of Korea. There are many wild animals and plants living here. The Birobong area is famous for the Nuncheunkbaek trees and Yew tree forests.  The royal azelea and Geumgang Chorong from Duro peak to Sangwang Peak are famous and there are animals such as boars, musk deer, turtledoves and colorful woodpeckers there.

Local Transportation
At Jinbu take Odaesan bound bus(buses run 12 times a day, 10-minute ride) and get off at Odaesan bus-stop.

Detailed Info
1.Administration Office Tel : +82-33-332-6417(Kor/Eng)
2.Homepage : http://odae.knps.or.kr/  (Kor/Eng)
3.Admission Fee  

Adults(Age 20 and over)  : 2,800 won
Teenagers(Age 14~19)  : 1,300 won
Children(Age 13 and under) : 700 won
Adults(Age 20 and over)  : 2,600 won
Teenagers(Age 14~19)  : 1,100 won
Children(Age 13 and under) : 550 won
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